"Future Food Manifesto" Freshly Released

  Global Future Food Summit Forum issued the strongest voice: "Future Food Zhangzhou Declaration" is freshly released

  On May 31, at the Global Future Food Summit Forum, the participants discussed and adopted the "Future Food Zhangzhou Declaration", and reached a consensus on the following contents: deeply concerned about the huge challenges faced by the global future food field; the food industry urgently needs innovation and The development model of multi-cooperation guarantees the supply of safe, healthy food and sustainable development for human beings; obtaining sufficient, safe and nutritious food is an important part of the quality of human life; calling on all parties concerned about the sustainable development of food in the future people, seize the opportunity, work together, create a win-win situation for all parties, and jointly realize the sustainable development goals.

  The participants agreed that cooperation between relevant government departments, food companies and academic institutions should be further strengthened, the integration of production, education and research should be strengthened to provide solutions for the challenges faced by future food; the relevant industrial policies, production methods and inspections of future food should be strengthened. The integration of standards and other aspects will establish a complete production system for healthy and safe future food; increase investment in innovative knowledge and technology, continuously improve the production capacity and efficiency of the food industry, reduce the consumption of food raw materials, and improve the production of by-products. Recycling rate; focus on cultivating public awareness of healthy food, and at the same time strengthen professional training for industry practitioners to achieve positive interaction and promote the sustainable development of the future food industry; grasp the era of big data, fully integrate and use existing information, and provide future food Provide global solutions for the prosperity and development of the food industry; change the traditional single development model, give full play to their respective advantages, coordinate and optimize the future food industry supply chain; market-oriented changes in consumer demand, supply a variety of future food; focus on different consumption Provide various functional foods according to the different needs of groups (such as children, the elderly and special health groups); take the opportunity of Zhangzhou's rich agricultural product resources and the gathering advantages of the food industry, and use the Global Future Food Summit Forum as a platform to further prosper Future Foods Industrial cooperation and development.