Chairman's speech

Haishan Food Co., Ltd., Fujian since its inception, has always "win market quality, integrity cast quality" business philosophy to develop the production of green, ecological, assured food responsibility, and strive for human food safety to make its own contribution.
Facing the new situation of domestic food safety, new problems, new challenges, seamounts company contingency planning, are not satisfied and the limited existing control mode. We deeply aware of the need to create "the whole industry chain," we must start from the source, must be "product traceability." The company is the first seamount mushroom industry will be extended to the field of biotechnology company, is the mushroom industry in the direction towards the development of deep processing of an active practitioner.
Our goal is to build the company into a set of seamounts upstream raw material planting, agro-processing, bio-technology in one of the whole industry chain of food production enterprises; an existing traditional industries, but also modern agriculture, bio-technology industries, supporting each other, utilization coordinated development of science and technology start-ups; a comprehensive upgrade version of modern agricultural enterprises.
"Honesty, cooperation, win-win development" is the company's purpose seamounts. We wholeheartedly welcome home and abroad to consult with patrons, and work together, win-win future!
Fujian Haishan Food Co,. Ltd
Chairman: Honghai Hill

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